• Sur Balık Ankara

    Sur Balık Ankara opened in Çankaya

  • Sur Balık Beauties

    Blacksea Seabass

    Seabasses that were fattened in the cold waters of Blacksea are cooked in the ingenious hands of our chefs.

  • Sur Balık Beauties

    Fried Calamari

    Daily-fresh calamaris are smoothed with special treatments and served with delicious tarator sauce.

  • Sur Balık Beauties

    Fish in Dough

    A specialty of Sur Balık; the fish is wrapped with a special dough and cooked in the owen for 45 minutes to 1 hour to be maximize its finesse.

  • Sur Balık Beauties

    Fish Wrapped With Chard

    Fishes that are prepared with a three-phased treatment are wrapped with chard and cooked in owen.

Sur Balık Activities
  • Surbalık Restaurant

    welcomes you for its glarious New Year’s Eve party which will be held individually on each location.

We Owe Our Success To Our Quality Standards

Our supply, preperation and service processes follow strict policy rules to meet the universal food health and quality standards.

Taste and Health Always And At The Same Time

Sur Balık restaurants serve well-prepared seafood receipts of world cuisines, mezzahs and Mediterranean specialties with outmost care for the health and palatial taste of our guests.

Respect to sea life

We match up the best seasonal fish menus with our customers. We believe in seasonal fishing restrictions and we hold a positive attitude for resources that generates and develops fish species. All the fishing products served in our restaurants are strictly seasonal and fresh.

Unconditional and continuous customer satisfaction

Due to our “Unconditional and continuous customer satisfaction” principle, our professional team shares the honour to be one step beyond the expected service quality by means of the training attend.